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Unleash your drumming potential with the Medeli MZ528 digital drum kit, a versatile and affordable instrument that is perfect for musicians of all ages and skill levels. With its all-mesh head design, the MZ528 offers a realistic and comfortable playing experience that is sure to inspire your creativity.

Featuring 4 mesh drum pads and 3 cymbal pads, the MZ528 offers a wide range of drum sounds and percussion effects that are perfect for exploring different genres and styles. The MZ528 also includes a built-in sound module and USB/MIDI connectivity, allowing you to easily record and produce your own music.

The MZ528 stands out with its all-mesh head design, which provides a more authentic and expressive playing experience. Whether you’re jamming at home, practicing in a studio, or performing live on stage, the MZ528 has everything you need to take your drumming to the next level.

TOM: 3 x 7.5″ (1-zone)
SNARE: 10″ mesh head (2-zone)
CRASH: 10″ (1-zone with choke)
RIDE: 12″ (2-zone with choke)
HI-HAT: 10″ (1-zone)
HH PEDAL: Continuous type
KICK: 6″
Expandability: Tom 4 Crash 2

Display: LCD
Polyphony: 64
Drum kits: 30 preset + 10 users
Sounds / Voices: 408 + 11 hi-hats
Song: 80 preset + 5 users
Dimensions: 1165 x 600 x 1120 mm
Weight: 22 kg
Power: DC9V (500mA)

Trigger parameters: Sensitivity • Curve • Crosstalk • Retrig cancel
Record: MIDI
Coach: Quiet count • Beat check • Change up
Metronome: Click voice • Volume • Time signature • Interval select
Tempo: 30-280
Volume control: 1 x knob
Other: Double Bass Trigger

Connections: 1 x USB-B (MIDI) • MIDI out • Headphone jack (1 x 1/8″) • Aux-in jack (1 x 1/8″) • Output jack (2 x 1/4″ mono)