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Dophix DX-DAVI


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The Dophix DAVID over distortion, is a handbuilt analog effects pedal, somewhere between an overdrive and a distortion. Its gain ranges from crunch to distortion/ fuzz. David is an overdrive / distortion pedal with a wide gain range, starting at a light crunch, ranging up to a crushing distortion/ fuzz, while always retaining a full-bodied characteristic.

It is no coincidence that this pedal bears the image of David, the hero par excellence. His statue, by Michelangelo, is a masterpiece of sculpture and a symbol of Florence, the birthplace of the Dophix pedals. David is depicted as he is about to fight Goliath. His expressive face has a proud expression and piercing eyes. His torso and arms are characterised by strong lines, reflecting the fact that he is not afraid of anything or anyone.

This was the inspiration for the strong, characteristic sound of Dophix’s first pedal. The care taken in creating the circuit and the characteristic warmth of the sound made the makers exclaim: “This pedal is not afraid of anything or anyone!” A statement also paraphrased by some users of the product, who have been able to experience its power on stage during live performances.

Dophix effects from Florence, Italy, are made by hand, one by one.

Technical specs:
• power: 9v DC, 19mA (battery or standard external power supply)
• jacks: side mounted 6.3 mm (1/4″) jack connectors
• switching: true bypass
• input impedance: 1 mOhm
• output impedance: 300 ohm
• dimensions: 112 × 60 × 31 cm
• weight: 400 gr