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The Electric Blue Chorus is a versatile chorus pedal which also suits musicians who might not prefer chorus right away.

The chorus uses a sine wave generator for a more pleasing and gentle ”liquid wave” sound. The musical modulation leans towards vibrato in more intense settings. The blend knob allows you to mix your dry signal with the modulation yourself which gives the possibilities from mild to wild. This combination makes the electric blue chorus much more versatile.

By adjusting the depth, blend and speed, it is also possible to create an barely audible chorus that adds more dimension and depth to your tone. It is a very transparent pedal so you don’t lose treble or get unwanted warps in your sound.

This also makes the electric blue chorus perfect for both clean and distorted tones.


BLEND: This is a control for setting the mix of the modulated and the dry sound. Turn it up for a more intense effect.

DEPTH: This a control for setting modulation depth. Turn it up for a deeper effect.

SPEED: This is a control for setting the speed of the internal oscillator.

SAMPLE SETTINGS (clock positions):

Strong chorus: Blend 5, Depth 3, Speed 12

Floating vibe-tone: Blend 5, Depth 4, Speed 10

Fast rotating speaker: Blend 3, Depth 3, Speed 5

Mild chorus: Blend 12, Depth 12, Speed 12


Input impedance: approx. 400K

Output impedance: approx. 2K

Current consumption: 40mA at 9VDC

DC supply voltage range: 9-12 VDC

6F22 9V battery or DC eliminator 2.1 mm plug center negative and positive sleeve.