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The Mighty Red Distortion is a high gain distortion pedal which has the character of the compressed sounds from the 80s.

The pedal is easy to work with and fits immediately into your sound thanks to its clear and defined sound. The gain range allows also low distortion sounds as well as stacking with other pedals, where an overdrive can pre-drive the Mighty Red Distortion for extreme and highly focused sounds. The signal is very pure because there has not been used any noise gate or expander. Special amplifier techniques and extremely low noise amplifier stages have been used which makes this pedal different from other pedals.

The presence control only affects the upper range of the treble without affecting the upper midrange. The low noise levels, strong housing, clean look and effective control with exactly influence on what you need makes the Mighty Red Distortion a serious and most important fun pedal.


VOLUME: Sets the level of the distorted signal.

DISTORTION: Controls the amount of distortion.

PRESENCE: Controls upper treble, while not affecting the upper midrange so you can adjust tones from warm and sweet into cutting leads with an attitude.


Supply voltage range: 7,5 to 18VDC

Current consumption: 10,6 mA at 9VDC

Max gain: 62dB

Max output: 1V pk-pk or 500mV rms

Signal/Noise ratio: approximately 96dB

Complete bypass (true bypass)