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HoTone NLF-2


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The Hotone Mojo Attack is one of the Nano Legacy Floor series.

The Mojo Attack is a small guitar amplifier that fits on your pedalboard with its dimensions of 190mm(D) x 118,5mm(W) x 53,5mm(H). It has two channels, channel A is bases on the famous Fender Tweed and channel B is based on the beloved Mesa Boogie Rectifier. To complete your sound, you can choose to turn on the cabinet simulation, which effects the line output and the balanced output.

The Hotone Mojo Attack is a complete and powerful amplifier with many possibilities.


Built-in Boost: Max. +12 dB pure clean boost
Power Requirement: 18-20V DC center positive
Current Consumption: Min. 4.5A
Speaker Output: 4-16O, self-adaptive
Max. Output Power (19V): 75 Watts @ 4O / 40 Watts @ 8O / 20 Watts @ 16O
Dimensions: 190mm(D)×118.5mm(W)×53.5mm(H)
Weight: 792g (without PSU)