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HoTone NLF-75


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The Hotone Loudster is one of the Nano Legacy Floor series.

The Loudster is a small amplifier that fits on your pedalboard with its dimensions of 190mm(D) x 118,5mm(W) x 53,5mm(H). It has only one big volume button and that is exactly what it needs and does. It boost your signal up to 75 Watts @ 4 ohms in a noiseless and clean way.

The Hotone Loudster is a small, simple and powerful amplifier which is perfect for your pedals and multi-effects.


Power Requirement: 18-20V DC center positive
Current Consumption: Min. 4.5A
Input Impedance: 500kO
Speaker Output: 4-16O, self-adaptive
Max. Output Power (19V): 75 Watts @ 4O / 40 Watts @ 8O / 20 Watts @ 16O
Dimensions: 190mm(D) x 118.5mm(W) x 53.5mm (H)
Weight: 590g