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Dophix DX-DANT


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The Dophix DANTE is a handbuilt analog overdrive pedal with a wide gain range and a very defined and dynamic sound. It has three controls: volume, tone and gain. The effect enables full adjustment from clean to crunch to distortion. Many sweet spots in the overdrive character can be found by adjusting the gain level and tone control.

Dophix effects from Florence, Italy, are made by hand, one by one.

“You cannot understand passion if you have not experienced it”.
-Dante Alighieri

Technical specs:
• power: 9v DC, 19mA (battery or standard external power supply)
• jacks: side mounted 6.3 mm (1/4″) jack connectors
• switching: true bypass
• input impedance: 1 mOhm
• output impedance: 300 ohm
• dimensions: 112 × 60 × 31 cm
• weight: 400 gr