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NUX NCP-2 compressor pedaal SCULPTURE


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NUX Sculpture Compressor

NUX Sculpture Compressor pedal offers a consistent volume output level and sharpens the signals on top and bottom edges. When you start picking your guitar, it will clean the loud (peak) notes and increase the sustain by raising the level of decaying (quiet) notes. Sculpture also contributes to the signal foundation that’s fed into the rest of your effects chain.

It has 2 clip modes, simply you can switch between “Clean Mode” and “Clip Mode” by holding the switch for 1 second.

• Input Impedance: 1M Ohm
• Output Impedance: 20k Ohm
• Working Current: 20mA
• Power: 9V DC (Negative tip, 90mA current draw)
• Weight: 174g
• Dimensions: 94mm (L) × 51mm (W) × 53mm (H)