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Dophix DX-GALI


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The Dophix GALILEO tremolo, is handbuilt analog optical tremolo with tap tempo and adjustable modulation.

At the heart of Galileo is an analogue oscillator controlling a high-quality light-sensitive diode that produces Galileo’s very natural tremolo, without distorting the input signal.

Dophix effects from Florence, Italy, are made by hand, one by one.

Galileo was an Italian physicist, astronomer, philosopher, mathematician and academic, who is considered the father of modern science. Dophix was inspired by this grand figure: the Galileo is a true innovation in the field of guitar effects.

Technical specs:
• power: 9v DC, 19mA (battery or standard external power supply)
• jacks: side mounted 6.3 mm (1/4″) jack connectors
• switching: true bypass
• input impedance: 1 mOhm
• output impedance: 300 ohm
• dimensions: 120 × 90 × 40 cm
• weight: 450 gr