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With the DUALPRE you’ve got the GRBass sound with you in any situation. This 2-channel preamp features:
– an adjustable overdrive and compressor
– two channels, each with their own extensive EQ
– a wealth of routing options

This two-channel preamp is the compact all-in-one solution for bassists. This ultimate tool lets you take complete control of your bass tone while recording, practicing, and playing live.
You can switch all the essentials with your feet while playing, without any complicated menus:
– Two amp channels with different settings
– Compressor, overdrive and tuner
– The DUALPRE also allows you to use parallel compression and drive (many bassists use it), because of the option to combine the two channels.

With the DUALPRE, you easily choose how to send your signal to the desk:
– unprocessed
– processed with your EQ, compression and drive settings
– a blend of the above
– processed and unprocessed at the same time (and separately)

There is a second input, which allows you to use the two channels to give two instruments their own settings, so you won’t have to change your amp’s knobs back and forth during a gig.

There are a very handy aux input and headphone output (with a dedicated EQ), useful for silent practice sessions or monitoring purposes.