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The Dophix LUSSURIA is a handbuilt analog overdrive pedal, providing low to mid-gain overdrive sounds, always keeping you playing dynamics intact with its warm and defined tone.

Dophix effects from Florence, Italy, are made by hand, one by one with the highest respect for your signal’s integrity. Only the highest quality of parts are used and the pedal features true-bypass switching.

Lussuria is the Italian word for “lust”. The pedal was named after this seventh and last of the deadly sins. It’s depicted in the seventh frame of Dante’s Purgatory. The lustful allows himself to be viciously and excessively ravished by the enjoyment of the senses. Likewise, with this overdrive, you will not be able to resist the vibrations coming out of your guitar. Surrender to the pleasure of sound!

Technical specs:
• power: 9v DC, 19mA (battery or standard external power supply)
• jacks: side mounted 6.3 mm (1/4″) jack connectors
• switching: true bypass
• input impedance: 1 mOhm
• output impedance: 300 ohm
• dimensions: 112 × 60 × 31 cm
• weight: 400 gr